Using the soil for agriculture without damaging it: Regenerative Agro-ecology

Did you know that in addition to better-known alternative energy sources like solar or wind, you can use the heat from a compost pile to heat water for your home?

This is just one application of the thousands possible from a sustainable design plan for humans. Or to put it another way, it is possible to plan for the intelligent and balanced use of available resources for purposes as disparate as housing, clothing, hygiene even energy.

“We don’t have to degrade nature to have comfort”, assures Filipe Vieira, 31, also known as “Pipo”, who, with Rute Gabriel, 30, promotes the Liberta-te project, based in Chão das Pias, Porto de Mós, which makes use of various permaculture techniques to help create, as far as possible, a symbiosis between humans and the environment.
To learn more about this and other topics, the Liberta-te project has the platform teaches how to make vegetable gardens, prepare the soil, grow mushrooms, raise chickens, among other actions within this philosophy, through online lessons and consulting. It can also be followed at https://


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