How Veena Lal’s organic farm has changed childrens’ lives in India

Veena Lal runs a charitable society for destitute children by the name Karm Marg. The organization is located in sector 84, Faridabad in Delhi NCR region.

Her organic farm has been in constant development over the years since it was bought by Veena Lal in 2003. According to Veena, the farm provides for her, her staff, and all the 50-60 children living in Karm Marg. She does not need to visit the market for food as the farm sustains them fully. The main produce is vegetables such as brinjal, potatoes, apple gourd, round gourd, bottle gourd, okra, cauliflower, brocolli, etc. Other than these, there are carrots, onions, garlic, and even turmeric. They also grow a wide variety of fruits, including citrus fruits which attract winged creatures such as bees, butterflies, and even some rare birds.

Veena specifically focusses on plants and trees with medicinal properties (neem, aparajita, amla) that are essential for the mental and physical growth of the children coming to her campus.

Veena follows the principles of permaculture and is now growing so much produce that much of the produce is being sold as well. She also follows sustainable architecture and has built a home for herself on the farm itself.

A full interviews has been conducted to her by “Down to Earth”, a Society for Environmental Communication, New Delhi, which publishes news and analysis on issues that deal with sustainable development, which we scan through the eyes of science and the environment.

The full interview is available at:

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